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Cheap Nike Free Run 3|Cheap Nike Sneaker cheap nike free run 3,cheap nike sneaker,cheap nike,cheap nike shox A window to faith Cross Road Worship Center supports a growing church in Africa and three food pantries in Wichita Falls. With a membership of 15, the people of this rural church were searching for a way to save money to better support their ministries. Michael Strahan, pastor of Cross Road, turned to an unlikely source for funds " solar panels. Going green will save the church about $400 a month on its electricity bill, freeing up extra money to expand a church in Soweto, Africa, and pay for food for hungry people in the Wichita Falls community. Department of Agriculture. 411NRG will install the panels. Tuesday at Cross Road Worship Center, 4005 SH 258 E. "We don't do things unless God is in it," Strahan said. Cross Road sits on 7 acres of land, dotted with the sanctuary, a prayer pond and a concrete slab, over which the solar panels will be constructed. Church members removed a dilapidated trailer off the 35by50 foot slab, and after the solar panel roof is built, the space will be used for picnics and outdoor events. Soon, when members of Cross Road Worship Center are enjoying outdoor events under the solar panel roof, they'll be comforted in knowing money is being saved to help others. "We spend about $225 to $300 on food at the food pantry at our church, which feeds about 45 to 80 families a month," Strahan said. Cross Road also helps run a food pantry at New Haven Church on Trout Street and one on Mill Street. Strahan said the driving force behind Cross Road's dedication to feeding the hungry is spelled out in the Bible. "In the scriptures, Jesus tells us to take care of the poor and feed the hungry," he said. And his entire church is on board. "In the process of feeding people physically, you can feed them spiritually," Strahan said. "Federal guidelines say you can't put any binders on people when you give out food, but I just make myself available to people when they pick it up. They can choose to talk to me or not, but I'm there to listen and tell them about Jesus." Far away in Nairobi, Kenya, Harvest Worship Church is thriving thanks to the efforts of Strahan and his congregation. The church sits on the world's largest landfill in the world's largest slum called Soweto. The church was built in Soweto right after Strahan spent 10 days in Africa in 2009. "We spent three nights in Soweto, set up in an open field in the middle of this slum," Strahan said. "They told me they had never had more than 30 converts, but 800, 900 people started gathering and they kept coming. Eventually 7,000 people were there. At the end of the message 2,000 people came to Christ with music and healing." The pastor, Erik Onchonga, told Strahan that on the first night the church was open 150 people were inside the church and 200 people huddled in the rain outside. Since then, the church has started a school and a Bible study for young men. Are you looking for the best nike shoes for boys store online that would meet your fashion requirements? Well, nike shoes for boys outlet is the one that you've been looking for!